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Sunday, October 24, 2021

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(BArch; MSc. Architecture; PMP)
Architecture & Planning Professional


Welcome to Ageh Consulting Associates!



Olajide Ageh founded Ageh Consulting Associates (former ArchCAD Solutions) to provide Architectural Consulting Services to clients seeking professional and expert advice in areas of Architectural Design, Project Management and Healthy Built Environment.

The "Blog - Bulletin" has not only become an integral part of Ageh Consulting but also an informative platform to serve the architectural and allied industry: Architectural firms, Interior Design firms, Engineering Consultants, Building Contractors and other Business sector.

Over the years, Olajide gained professional experience and skills that are enriched with passion and commitment in the field of Architecture to plan, design, produce, coordinate, administer and deliver architectural drawings and contract documents in a clear and concise manner for new build and existing buildings that require addition, renovation and/or repair to structural systems and non-structural elements such as cladding and finishes while incorporating optimum life cycle solutions to meet performance requirements.

Olajide have also developed practical experience on how to address issues regarding sick home syndrome caused by poor indoor air quality as a result of the presence of chemical contaminants (Volatile organic compounds - VOC, lead, asbestos, NO2, CO2), Biological contaminants (Mould, other bacteria), Radiological contaminants (Radon, e.t.c.)


The vision of Ageh Consulting Associates is to provide valued clients with accurate, honest and qualitative service.


  • Healthy Home and Building Environmental Consulting
    • Indoor Environmental Assessment and Consulting
    • Air Testing for Mould Spores, Reporting and Mould Remediation
    • Air Testing for Asbestos Fibre Content, Reporting and Abatement
    • Ventilation System Cleaning and Decontamination
    • Indoor Air Quality Testing for Gases and Reporting
    • Sensitivity to Environmental Conditions in the Home and Sick Home Syndrome Consulting
  • Renovations and Additions
  • Basement Remodeling
  • Contract Administration and Project Management
  • Liaison with Contractors
October 24, 2021


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