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Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Links to Typical CAD Details

Ageh Consulting Associates have the interest of colleagues in mind and strive to make their life easier.

The following links have been carefully researched and compiled for use without scrambling over the internet searching for these free typical details to access on the host website.

As the content of these details solely rest on the providers, Ageh Consulting Associates can not guarantee the accuracy of its content, however the user reserves the right to use the information on those sites at their discretion.

It is anticipated that you will find the links to be helpful. Your comments will be welcomed on how useful or relevant are these sites to your firm/project.

CAD Links

Division 03 Concrete

Synstone concrete cladding panel: http://www.synstone.com/downloads.php

Division 04 Masonry

Division 05 Metals

Division 08 Openings